God has been preparing us to serve Him as overseas missionaries for a very long time. Both Tegwen and I were born into families with a very strong missionary focus. As kids we admired and desired to emulate those who had gone before us. Vernon Anderson once asked us, “My generation answered the call, the next generation answered the call – What about you?”
We are gladly answering that call

The TCM board officially

re-assigned us to Kenya!

We will be working with the director of the work in Kenya, Pastor Titus Kivilu, in a variety of ministries to help them expand. Pastor Titus invited us to help with leadership training, church planting, children’s ministries and a Bible school. I am really excited to help them re-open the residential Bible school in Thika by the year 2020. We will also be involved in the local church as much as we can with teaching, mentoring and outreach. The leaders have assured us the Lord continues to be at work and welcome our help in accomplishing their goal.

Robby, Tegwen, Vernon & Vesper

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