Re-assigned to Kenya

 “We can make our plans

but the Lord determines our steps.”

Proverbs 16:9 NLT


 As many of you know we travelled the country sharing our plans to minister in South Africa and for months have been waiting expectantly for documents from SA and US governments. The constant delays put us at a frustrating standstill but we continued to trust and hope. Recently we began to wonder if there was another open door and we felt led to reconsider our field of ministry. At the end of January we asked the Things to Come Mission (TCM) board to consider sending us to Kenya for our first term. After many conversations with the leadership of both TCM USA and Kenya, the TCM board officially reassigned us to Kenya! This is an exciting change for us because Tegwen grew up there as a missionary kid and has always promised to take us there one day. 

What Will We Be Doing?

 We will be working with the director of the work in Kenya, Pastor Titus Kivilu, in a variety of ministries to help them expand. Pastor Titus invited us to help with leadership training, church planting, children’s ministries and a Bible school. I am really excited to help them re-open the residential Bible school in Thika by the year 2020. We will also be involved in the local church as much as we can with teaching, mentoring and outreach. The leaders have assured us the Lord continues to be at work and welcome our help in accomplishing their goal.

Where Will We Be?

 We will be living in the town of Thika which is about a 45 minute drive from the capital city of Nairobi and has a population of over 136,000. Thika town is very close to the equator but is over a mile above sea level so the climate is very nice. Agriculture is big business and in fact a large Delmonte pineapple plantation is in Thika. 

When Do We Leave?

 We purchased tickets and are flying out of Medford, OR, on February 24th. Time is short. The Lord is returning! Please pray for us as we step out in courage and faith. 

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