Exciting News!

Hello family and friends. We have some exciting news to pass along. We are pregnant with our third baby! At our 20 week ultrasound a couple of days ago our baby showed no signs of heart defect and appears to be completely healthy. Our little girl is due to be born on May 2nd.


“What are you thankful for, Vernon?”

“I’m thankful for how many Christians there are”

“How can we make sure there are more Christians?”

“Traveling around and preaching… well, for you, Dad.”

“What about you?”

“Maybe just asking people like, “are you a christian? Or not?””

Here today, Gone tomorrow

Time is slipping away as it feels like just yesterday we boarded the plane in Manila to head back “home” to Grants Pass. We went to the Philippines as a family of three, had a baby and then returned to the USA as a family of three.

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